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From expert tree removal to precise pruning and tree trimming, we handle every aspect of tree removal with professionalism and care. Our team is equipped to tackle projects of many sizes and complexities, from routine maintenance to emergency storm damage cleanup. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we promise to deliver quality results every time. 

Residential Tree Removal Saskatoon

Residential Tree Removal

We offer efficient and professional residential tree removal services tailored to meet your specific needs. From hazard assessment to final cleanup, we ensure safe and effective removal of trees, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your property.

Commercial Tree Removal Saskatoon

Commercial Tree Removal

We provide commercial tree removal services aimed at achieving the specific goals of businesses and organizations. Our dedicated team works diligently to enhance safety and aesthetics while meeting the unique requirements of commercial properties.

Hazardous Tree Removal Saskatoon

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous tree removal services ensuring safety and security for your property. We remove dead, rotting trees, which pose a danger due to their decay. We offer removal from hard-to-access areas, to reduce potential hazards.

Land Clearing Saskatoon

Land Clearing

We assess each tree's condition, strategically removing them to enhance safety and aesthetics. Our land clearing process efficiently clears debris, brush, and trees, preparing your land for new development or landscaping projects.

Large Tree Removal Saskatoon

Large Tree Removal

Whether it's a towering tree in a tight space or a tree with extensive root systems, we have the tools and expertise to handle it with large tree projects, ensuring minimal disruption to your property.

Mulching Saskatoon

Wood Chipping

Our wood chipping services offer a sustainable solution for repurposing cut trees into valuable mulch. With our advanced equipment and expertise, we efficiently transform wood into environmentally friendly mulch, enriching soil and promoting healthy plant growth.

Log Cutting Saskatoon

Log Cutting

From log cutting to providing quality firewood, we ensure every piece is expertly prepared for your needs. Our team cuts logs to size, delivering premium firewood that burns efficiently and provides warmth for your home or outdoor space.

Tree Removal Saskatoon

Tree Removal

We offer a range of expert tree removal services tailored to your needs. From hazardous trees to those impacting your property's aesthetics, we ensure safe and efficient removal, leaving your landscape clean and clear.

Fallen Tree Removal Saskatoon

Fallen Tree Removal

We provide swift and professional fallen tree removal services to restore safety and accessibility to your property. Our team is equipped to handle fallen trees of any size, ensuring prompt and thorough cleanup to minimize disruption.

Tree Trimming Saskatoon

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming services are aimed at improving the safety of your home or business. Our approach targets overhanging branches and potential hazards, ensuring a secure environment for your property.

Tree Pruning Saskatoon

Tree Pruning

We offer professional tree pruning services to remove dead and hazardous areas from your trees. We utilize expert techniques to remove dead or diseased branches, to promote overall tree vitality.

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We pour our heart and soul into every project we undertake. With dedication, we strive to deliver exceptional tree removal solutions that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impact. At Cubs Tree Solutions, our passion drives us to constantly innovate, improve, and provide the best possible experience for our valued customers.

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